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Our professionals know what ground mount solar array design is right for you.

Members of our installation crews have extensive fall arrest and factory training. Each team is led by a certified professional following stamped blueprints and a computer designed layout. Our installation team carries five million dollars of liability insurance. We understand our reputation rides on the perfection of our installs and client satisfaction and that is why we strive for perfection on every ground mount solar array installation.

In cases where there is not sufficient roof space, solar panel arrays can also be mounted on the grounds of your property. Below are a few samples of possible ground mount solar array installations.

Adjustable Ground
Mount Racking

The adjustable, ground mounted solar panel array is designed to take advantage of the optimum azimuth angle and optimum pitch angle, thereby maximizing utilization of average annual solar insolation.

Often, an “adjustable” array will allow the pitch angle of the array to be altered, thereby accommodating a shallower angle during the summer months (taking advantage of the period when the sun appears high in the sky) and a steeper angle during the winter months (when the sun appears lower in the sky).

The extent to which these angles vary will depend on the installation’s geographical latitude. As latitude diverges from the equator these pitch angles will further diverge.

Advantages unique to adjustable mounted arrays are the relative absence of moving parts – inherently reducing maintenance – and the ease of installation/commissioning. Conversely, when compared to alternatives, the adjustable mounted array has relatively low production figures.

All Solar Logix selected solar panels can be used on this mounting system. Our team will work with you to decide on your best solution.

Azimuth Tracker

Single axis azimuth trackers are actively controlled systems configured with a pitch angle chosen to optimize annual solar insolation (as with the fixed array), and the capability of adjusting the azimuth of the array on a controlled daily cycle. Tracking of the azimuth is achievable by equipping the array with a vertical axis about which to rotate. An active controller will most often utilize a combination of inputs to achieve ideal daily solar tracking. This combination will include a programmed astronomical algorithm, time referencing, and photo sensors which accurately determine the sun’s azimuth for a given time interval (often ½ to 1 hour intervals).

All Solar Logix selected panels can be used on this mounting system. Our team will w

Ballasted Ground
Mount Racking

Where possible, we use unique environmentally friendly ground anchors so there is no long term land issues.

The field simply and quietly harvests the suns energy without any harm to the environment. The ideal tilt and southern direction can be precisely calculated on each ballasted array.

All Solar Logix selected panels can be used on this mounting system. Our team will work with you to decide on your best solution.

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