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Free Solar in Ontario

In October, 2009, the Ontario Power Authority introduced a unique program called “Feed-in Tariff” (FIT) to promote the use of renewable energy sources (wind, water, bio-gas, and solar photovoltaic) for the generation of electricity across the province of Ontario. Using the FIT and microFIT (Feed-in Tariff programs under 10kW in size) as the foundation, Solar Logix set out to become the largest Ontario solar providers. Specializing in 10 kW OPA microFIT approved rooftop solar arrays, Solar Logix has completed over 200 installations all across Ontario.

Solar energy is an investment. Having a rooftop solar array installed on your home is certainly not a small decision to make; the cost alone may deter some customers. Solar Logix has developed a free solar program for home owners who want to take part in the OPA microFIT program, but just do not have the resources to do so. Solar Logix will pay a $500 bonus to customers that sign up and are approved for the free solar program. On top of that, we will pay an annual fee that can reach as high as $1200 per year.

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