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Solar Logix to purchase older microFIT contracts

Many microFIT applications in Ontario have been unable to connect because of grid capacity limitations. While thousands of small projects have been approved and connected, many local hydro providers are currently experiencing technical limitations known as constraints. The most common constraint is the physical limitation of power available in rural service areas, which serves as the location for many project applications. The electrical cables used in rural service areas are thinner, as they were not intended to service a large number of customers; thus, there is a much smaller transfer of electricity. In these areas, the lines are becoming overloaded when more electricity is fed back to the grid than the line was meant to deliver.

Solar Logix – a full service solar provider with six locations across Ontario (Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Oakville, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury and Hamilton) – is looking to purchase OPA microFIT contracts, new and old, for solar development. This may be the ideal opportunity for customers that are no longer interested in waiting to have their potential system connected to the grid at a profit.

If you have or had an OPA microFIT contract that you would like to see developed, do not hesitate to call a Solar Logix location near you. Our solar consultants are looking forward to assisting you with all your solar needs.

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