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Our professionals know what rooftop solar array design is right for you.

The Solar Logix installation crew members all carry extensive factory training and five million dollars of liability insurance, and every install team is led by a certified professional.

Below are samples of the various types of rooftop solar array installations we offer at Solar Logix. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, please read our company profile or contact us today to speak to a rooftop solar array consultant.

Sloped or Pitched Roof Mount Solar Panel Arrays

Rooftop solar panel array installations are the most popular type of solar panel array, it simply requires a southern exposure for optimum performance. Its earning potential is limited by pitch of the roof, angle off of due south and most importantly, shading.

The metal flashing mounts that we use to install the panels ensures a watertight mount and strength to withstand extreme winds and harsh climates.
The screw attachment to the roof stud is under the asphalt shingle and sealed, then covered by the asphalt shingle. The rails bolt onto the flashing and the panels are then mounted together in rows.

All Solar Logix selected panels can be used on these systems. Our team will work with you to decide on your best solution.

Non-Penetrating Ballasted Roof Mount Solar Panel Arrays

Most commercial buildings have flat membrane style rooftops which makes an ideal platform for a solar array. The array can be set at 30 degrees and exactly due south for great returns.

There are no roof penetrations and these ballast mounted rows link together. The metal stands are placed on special pads and then concrete patio blocks are laid in each corner.

All Solar Logix selected solar panels can be used on these systems. Our team will work with you to decide on your best solution.

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