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Company Profile

With four Solar Logix locations across Ontario — Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Oakville, and Sault Ste. Marie — the company has set out to become Ontario’s leading full service provider of OPA microFIT approved photovoltaic (PV) rooftop and ground mount solar arrays.

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Why Solar Logix?

It has never been as easy to harness clean, affordable renewable energy as it is right now. Solar Logix manages every aspect of your rooftop solar installation and keeps you informed along the way. With six steps to get you started, Solar Logix is making it easy.

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Mission & Vision

Solar Logix aims to substantially increase the production of clean solar generated power within our communities. We will be making it easy for our clients to become solar power generators, by professionally managing all of the logistics for them in a safe and efficient manner. Through our endeavors we will help build a more sustainable planet for the future.

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Solar Logix helped produce:

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  • Homes 265
  • Lights 2767
  • Acres Saved 17,247