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Ontario’s FIT and microFIT programs

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program is the result of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act being passed in May, 2009. The program, which was created and is operated by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), pays a set guaranteed price under long-term contracts (typically 20 years) for electricity produced by renewable energy systemsl, with the most common being solar arrays. The program’s pricing allows customers to earn a high return on investment.


The microFIT program is a Feed-in Tariff project that is 10kW or less in size.


The FIT program is a Feed-in Tariff project that is larger than 10kW in size.

Solar Logix makes it easy to:

  1. Install a solar energy array on the roof of your home or business using the highest quality solar products available in Canada.
  2. Contribute the energy your solar array generates on the electrical grid.
  3. Earn money from the Ontario Power Authority for energy your array has produced.
  4. Solar program pricing

Solar program pricing

Installation System Size FIT Price (cents per kWH)
Rooftop* < 10 kW 39.6
Ground-mount* < 10 kW 29.1

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