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Is my roof ideal for a Solar Logix solar array?

If your roof faces south and has little to no shading, then your roof is ideal for a Solar Logix system.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a Solar Logix system varies significantly depending on the size of the system.

$4.00 per installed watt is a good figure to use when budgeting.

Do I need special insurance?

A Solar Logix installed system is a removable fixture and typically regarded as such by many Insurance companies. It is important to check with your insurance broker to see if any extra coverages are needed for
your particular needs.

Are any permits needed before installation?

Most municipalities require a building permit for installation of a Solar Logix solar array.

We will handle all permits, applications, and ESA inspections on your behalf.

What guarantees does Solar Logix offer?

Solar Logix will warranty all workmanship for a total of ten years. Additionally, all installed equipment comes with a manufacturers warranty including a twenty-five year power output warranty on the solar panels themselves.

What happens when it snows?

Solar panels produce heat and much of the snow that falls on your panels will melt. When snow accumulation does occur you will have a choice to remove it or wait for it to melt as it is most likely a poor day for power production anyway.

How long will my panels produce power for?

Solar Logix solar arrays come with a twenty-five year power production warranty that ensures your panels will produce over 80% of their rated capacity for a full twenty-five years. It is expected that most panels will last forty years or longer with minimal general maintenance.

Will my property taxes increase?

Currently there is no direct impact on property taxes. This may change as future homes are sold and deemed to be more valuable. All property owners have the right to argue the value of their property.

How long is a contract with the OPA?

The contract is a guaranteed 20 years with the OPA.

What is a Feasibility Study?

A Feasibility Study is a report that outlines your projected ROI (return on investment) for your solar project. It demonstrates how much money your system will produce over the next 20 years based on 20 years of weather data that is collected. The study takes into account any obstacles or shaded regions that can affect your production.

Do I need to register for a business number?

You are not required to register for a business number, but there are benefits if you do. Firstly, you are able to claim an ITC (input tax credit) which allows you to receive back the HST you pay on your solar photovoltaic system. Secondly, you are able to claim various expenses in regard to your array as business expenses, such as cleaning and monitoring fees.

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How do I clean my Solar Panels?

Solar Logix recomends that you clean your Solar panels once or twice each summer to help keep panels performing at their peak efficiency. To clean the panels, use a mild dish detergent and water. DO NOT use a power wash, instead a garden hose works best. Make sure to rinse clean of all detergent.

Does Solar Logix’s products meet the Domestic Content Rule of the OPA’s MicroFIT program?

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) requires all generators under the microFIT Program, have a 60% Domestic Content. Which means that 60% of the goods and services must come from within Ontario. Solar Logix exceeds this rule acheiving 68% Domestic Content.

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