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As a homeowner participating in the program you will become the proprietor of a business.

When a homeowner purchases a Solar Logix PV system, and enters into a 20 year contract under the Ontario microFIT program, the homeowner becomes a proprietor of a business. As a proprietor, the homeowner must report all income from the MicroFIT contract as taxable income on their personal income tax return. Also, the homeowner may deduct all expenses related to the Solar Logix PV system from their taxable income, including the cost of the system.

Under the Income Tax Act, any expense incurred in the year that is for the purpose of gaining or producing income from a business and is reasonable in the circumstances, is deductible for income tax purposes. In addition to the cost of the system, deductible expenses relating to your Solar Logix PV system would include, but are not limited to the following:

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