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Solar Logix is making it easy.

It has never been as easy to harness clean, affordable renewable energy as it is right now. Solar Logix manages every aspect of your rooftop solar installation and keeps you informed along the way. With six steps to get you started, Solar Logix is making it easy.

1. Free On-Site Consultation

At Solar Logix we start each on-site consultation with a brief discussion regarding your unique solar panel array installation needs and desires followed by a preliminary Feasibility Study. After this, we will review our initial estimate, your purchasing options, and the level of income your Solar Logix rooftop or ground mount solar panel array system will generate for years to come.

2. Site Assessment

After booking a Site Assessment our professional site surveyor will:

3. System Design

After your Site Assessment and Feasibility Study are complete, our Solar PV Design Team will use the information gathered to create a site specific design which optimizes the performance and appearance of your unique solar panel array project.

4. Feasibility Study

Solar Logix stands alone in providing an advanced technical and financial Feasibility Study prior to your commitment to the program. Detailed forecasts are made by our professional engineers and accountants, based on twenty years of historical Environment Canada data and applied financial practices.

The Feasibility Study includes:

5. Installation

Once the Site Assessment, Feasibility Study and System Design are complete we will finalize all necessary permits and applications on your behalf to ensure a safe and expedient connection to your local electrical grid.

Members of our installation crews have extensive fall arrest and factory training. Each team is led by a certified professional following stamped blueprints and a computer designed layout. Our installation team carries five million dollars of liability insurance. We understand our reputation rides on the perfection of our installs and client satisfaction and that is why we strive for perfection on every solar array installation.

For all solar panel array installations our trained professional installation team will:

6. Customer Care

All Solar Logix installations carry a ten years parts and labour warranty on all craftsmanship and installed components to provide confidence, reliability, peace of mind.

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