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Sleek, efficient rooftop solar panel designs that you can count on.

Tier 1 photovoltaic modules are proudly made in Ontario. These PV modules are manufactured to maximize efficiency and yield. Additionally, these PV modules are built with quality in mind by using 4mm thick glass and a 40-42mm high quality aluminum frame. By using these tier 1 solar modules, we are meeting Ontario content requirements and supporting Ontario’s emerging solar industry, which provides jobs and economic benefit to our communities.

Tier 1 PV modules are ideal for both residential and commercial rooftop applications where direct insolation is significant and high efficiencies, which lead to rapid return on investment, are demanded.

Solar Logix offers carefully engineered rooftop solar designs that are sleek, efficient and affordable and that will add value to your home and make you money. Only suppliers who offer high performance, quality and reliability are considered when choosing our product offerings.

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