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Tier 1 Modules

Tier 1 photovoltaic modules are proudly made in Ontario. These PV modules are manufactured to maximize efficiency and yield. Additionally, these PV modules are built with quality in mind by using 4mm thick glass and a 40-42mm high quality aluminum frame. By using these tier 1 solar modules, we are meeting Ontario content requirements and supporting Ontario’s emerging solar industry, which provides jobs and economic benefit to our communities.

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In all grid tied PV applications, an inverter is required to convert the direct current electricity, generated by each PV module, into alternating current electricity for export to the distribution system. Historically, this has been achieved through the use of central string inverters.

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Racking Systems

The racking for the system is required to be well engineered, easily installed and easily expanded in the future. All of these qualities are important in achieving a cost effective installation of your system that you can expect to last many years. API has a range of Ontario-made mounting systems, each are designed to be quick and easy to install without compromising your roof warranty.

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All Solar Logix installations carry a ten years parts and labour warranty on all craftsmanship and installed components to provide confidence, reliability, peace of mind.

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