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Sault Ste. Marie Solar Logix: A meal fit for the Kings

Gerry Bugyra, General Manager, SSM, Trevor Sawchyn, Project Manager, SSM, Penny King, Marvyn King, Kieran O'Neill, Sales and Marketing, SSM

May 14th, 2012 (Sault Ste Marie) – Penny and Marvyn King, of Peoples Road, Sault Ste Marie celebrated their “Grid Tie” Solar Array Installation with 24 family and friends at Aurora’s Westside meeting room. The “Grid Tie Gratitude Party” was a first and sponsored by Solar Logix, SSM. “It is our way of giving something back to our clients and the community with gratitude and saying thank you for your support” says Gerry Bugyra, General Manager of Solar Logix here in Sault Ste Marie. Penny and Marvyn King accepted their 500.00 bonus cheque for signing up with Solar Logix new free leasing program that was recently introduce to Sault Ste Marie and the surrounding area. “The free leasing program allows the home owner or business to have solar on their roof at no cost to them and receive cash back for leasing their roof” says Bugyra. “We buy all of our solar modules locally at Heliene and do the installations with our own local certified installers which means jobs in SSM and with First Nations”. Solar Logix opened its office Sept 2011 with several microFIT and FIT projects now in the pipeline. The company is nearing competition of the 90 Kw solar array installations at Ecole Notre-Dame du Sault on North Street and recently installed several roof mount and ground mount systems as well Bugyra confirmed today “We plan to train and hire two more installation crews based on the pending application contracts with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and we plan on many more “Grid Tie Gratitude Parties” in the community and surrounding area” Solar Logix presently employs 12 full time staff with offices located at 123 March Street here in Sault Ste Marie.

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