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Solar Logix, proudly serving the Saskatchewan region

Solar Logix is coming to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Having already made a name for themselves in Ontario, Solar Logix has its sight set on becoming Saskatchewan’s leading full service provider of photovoltaic solar arrays.

Solar Logix’s mission is simple: to increase the production of clean solar generated power substantially within our communities across Canada. We aim to help home and business owners alike in Saskatchewan harness the power of solar energy with the new net metering solar programs. With years of experience in this industry, Solar Logix provides a quality of service like no other.

At Solar Logix, we make it easy for our clients to become solar power generators, by professionally managing all of the logistics for them in a safe and efficient manner. With our intuitive process and professional approach, we are unmatched in the solar community.

Solar Logix is now hiring!

Solar Logix is coming to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is accepting applications for the position of solar specialists (sales and customer care).

We are seeking individuals who have a strong passion for the environment and the desire to succeed. If you possess interpersonal skills and an ability to show value, then this could be the opportunity you have been looking for. As a key member of the Solar Logix team your job will be to guide each client through our process from beginning to end while making it easy for them along the way. We offer training, competitive remuneration above $60,000, and opportunity for advancement within a fast paced growth industry.

Please email your resume to or call us at 1-855-620-6616.

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